Selling Your Fleece

Selling your fleeces to The Little Wool Company

The section below is what I am normally looking for but at the moment I am not looking to purchase anymore unless you are one of my existing producers.

White or Brown Baby Alpaca

  • Needs to have be skirted and have a 2.5" staple length and be very crimpy
  • £8 per kg

Adult Alpaca in White or Brown

  • Saddle: £6 with 2.5" staple length and crimpy not smooth
  • Skirt: £0.75 per kg depending on quality and amount of guard hair

Shetland Wool in white, grey, black, brown

  • Skirted clean fleeces
  • £2.50 per kg

If you are small producer you don't need to have had fibre analysis done, the information above is a guideline to what I am looking for. If you are not local to me you can post a sample to me for agreement of price. I am a bit of a one man band at times so all fleeces need to have been skirted and be free of vegetation. Please use my contact page to make initial contact.