About Our Products

About The Little Wool Company's products from our own 100% Alpaca yarns

Our yarns are processed from carefully selected fleeces from our herd or from reputable breeders or owners based nearby. They are then processed in the UK to our specifications. Our 4ply and double hand knitting yarns are processed at a Mill in Cornwall that uses the traditional worsted technique. For interest some of the machines used go back to the Industrial Revolution and the techniques used are still used everyday all of these hundred years later. Our speciality yarns are processed from small mini mills throughout the UK. We distribute our yarns via our online store here www.thelittlewoolcompany.com, by mail order and at specialist shows.

Alpaca fleeces come in 22 natural colours however I also create our own unique colour ways by having the fibres blended at the mill without using dyes. For this reason you need to make sure you order enough yarn to complete your projects. Even though the yarns are all natural and usually from the same animals, each season there will be a slightly different effect depending on the weather, or diet of the animal.

All of our woven products i.e. shawls, scarves and throws have been processed in the UK. All of our hand knitted products have been hand crafted from artisans within the UK. We are very proud to take our place amongst the great British yarn producers that exist within the UK.

As well as our own yarns we also stock other products that contribute to sustainability in the world or are produced under Fair Trade agreements. Some of these are Brittany Birch knitting needles which are made from Birch that has been farmed in sustainable way. We also stock goods from organisations using Fair Trade principles. These include natural fibre knitting yarns from organisations such as Manos Del Uruguay, Mirasol to name a few. We also stock Eucalan a natural hand wash product to care for your products. We have a range of alpaca socks that are designed by me and made to my specification at a hosiery factory in the UK using traditonal linking methods. If you want a good night's sleep then you need to try one of our lovely cosy alpaca duvets or pillows. These are made for us following BS standards and using UK sourced fibre. We stock yarns from other companies to offer our customers choice e.g. the brightly coloured yarns from Manos , and West Yorkshire Spinners allow you to create many varying projects all from the one store.

Why Alpaca?

Alpaca fleece is often referred to as "the fibre of the God's" and its origins can be traced back to the Inca's of Peru. It is said that alpacas were given to the people there as a gift from their Gods to keep them safe and well. It is certainly true that alpacas have become an important part of their culture providing warmth, and food. Alpaca fleece has many fantastic qualities for instance it contains no Lanolin. Lanolin is the sustance found in Sheep's wool that people are often allergic to. For this reason it can be classed as hypoallergenic which means it is ideal for anyone with allergies and sensitive skin. Alpaca fibres are semi-hollow which means that it is very good at absorbing moisture which is ideal in the British ever changing climate.

Alpaca yarn lends itself to fashionable garments because it drapes so well, particularly when mixed with Silk. It is lightweight and has insulating qualities which make it warm in winter and cool in summer. This means you can have the most fashionable garments in the coldest of winters without dressing up like a snowman.