Loyalty Reward Scheme

I am pleased to introduce you to The Little Wool Company Loyalty Reward Scheme and it is very easy to join.

Simply register as a customer on the website and then the next time you order we will send you a little card and all you have to do is enter your purchase order number in one of the boxes. To get you started we will check your recent order history.

You will notice that the card has a code on it and during the duration of that card you will also be eligible for a 10% discount. Every time you order just use the code in the checkout. Once you have filled in all of your boxes you can redeem the card for a goody bag worth £30 or a £25 Gift Voucher to spend on the site (whichever suits you best).

You can also use your card if you see us at shows just produce it and we will give you a 10% discount and fill in one of your boxes.

Registered customers will also receive special offers and advance notice of the sales we hold.

In summary:

  • fill in the boxes on your card with your purchase order numbers
  • use your special code to receive a 10% discount every time you order
  • claim your prize when you have filled your card.

How to claim your prize

You can either return your card by post or you can take a photo and forward it via email or smartphone (make sure I can read the numbers). We will then verify it against your order history and contact you to find out what you would like to receive.