Brittany Birch Cable Needles (set of 3)

Brittany Needle Wax

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This is a jar of wax specifically designed to protect and enhance the slickness of your Brittany Birch needles and hooks. Brittany products are made in California from sustainably harvested birch and they come with a 5 year guarantee. Therefore we believe if you protect your investment they should last even longer.

The warmth and smoothness of hardwood nurtures sensitive fingers and provides natural strength and consistency for a lasting product. Enjoy the patina of finish and elegance of design found only in Brittany's finely crafted hardwood knitting needles.

It is very easy to use. All you do is apply sparingly with finger or soft cloth. Leave to dry for 1-24 hours and then buff up with soft cloth. You can use it as you need it.

Each jar contains 1 fl.oz